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Picanol sub nozzle

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Picanol Air Jet Loom sub nozzle(relay nozzle)

Picanol sub nozzle for many kinds of Picanol version. Original PN No. can show what you want.


Picanol sub nozzle (relay nozzle).For any enquiry,feel free to contact me.

The PN NO. are BE150799 BE154364 BE154514 BE153643 BE152725 BE154085 BE154522 BE154364 BE310376  BE310377 BE153858 BE152727 BE154365 BE152724 BE154084 BE152729 BE152726 BE151809 BE151815 BE154508 BE154507 BE82241 BE152730 BE82958 BE82959 BE83180 BE83181 BE82263 BE99609 BE99487 BE99610 BE99375 BE154031 BE99609 BE83157 BE154032

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